deep behavioral insight, engaging creative, and agile marketing technology.
We create campaigns that speak directly to the right people at the right time with relevant, engaging content across multiple channels.
At Ayni Brigade, we work at the intersection of science, technology, data, and imagination and across a full suite of capabilities to help you turn your stakeholders into bona fide evangelists.
There’s a difference between understanding people and relating to them effectively and productively. We help companies move from observation to action by revealing human truths and identifying central tensions.
Once we grasp those truths and tensions, we use that insight to help your business acquire, retain, and grow a devoted customer base by creatively demonstrating how their values align with yours. 
CUSTOMER experience
We make all the ways that people engage with your brand consistent, unique, and excellent. Our omnichannel branding and communication strategies create a unified and connected ecosystem for two-way conversations.
Magnetic Branding
We help your organization develop a strong brand promise, purpose, and position, clarifying your identity and telling relevant stories that stick with people and influence their behavior.
personalization at scale
This one doesn’t need a whole lot of explaining. We help people learn what they want to know with personalized campaigns across channels…at scale.
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