We do that.

Insight / Strategy / Integrated Brand + Demand Generation Campaign / Microsites

Clover has the technology, digital agility, and expertise to help small business owners thrive and streamline their operations. They’re also backed by the #1 global payment processor. But they needed a demand generation campaign to communicate their capabilities, knowledge of the small business environment, and trustworthiness while also touting their technological prowess and 24/7 on-call business consultants.

Our research showed competitors pushing people to buy online, and we realized that we needed to give Clover a human touch, and we needed to do it in a way that targeted small business owners and spoke to their specific needs in their language.

With so much to feature, we decided to creatively lean into the sheer breadth of Clover’s offerings and let customers and prospects know that “Yeah, we do that!” whatever “that” is for your business. We personified Clover and its offerings to give the brand a slightly more human (and humorous) edge while also highlighting the 24/7 access that Clover users have to actual real people.

We created a fully integrated campaign that targeted the restaurant and retail verticals and showed how Clover could help new and experienced merchants streamline their processes. Our spots and digital ads focused on the business owners using Clover for ‘that’ and having more time for their ‘this’: the element of their business that gives them the most joy, excitement, or creative freedom.

And it worked. Merchants connected strongly with our campaign and responded and engaged at unprecedented levels across platforms.