Clear Path for Veterans

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Taking the brand to the national stage while breaking down misconceptions along the way.

younger veterans.

We faced a real challenge when it came to expanding Clear Path for Veterans into a national brand. What made it even trickier was the common belief that Clear Path was primarily for Vietnam-era or boomer veterans, which unfortunately discouraged younger veterans from seeking the support they required.

Big Picture
Post-9/11 veterans face more challenges than their predecessors in transitioning to civilian life.
of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are diagnosed with PTSD.
of veterans between the ages of 18 and 64 reported living with food insecurity.

Spanning generations.

Our choice of colors pays tribute to military history. Still, we’ve given it a modern twist to make it feel fresher and more optimistic, particularly for the younger generations.

The tagline, “You found your place,” is about more than just a physical location; it’s about discovering contentment, fulfillment, and comfort within the welcoming and supportive community. It’s about feeling understood and accepted and embarking on a journey of healing, self-discovery, and renewed purpose.

To truly connect with veterans, we feature photos and videos that showcase real veterans and families from different generations. These images exude the authentic warmth and acceptance that defines the Clear Path experience, no matter your age.

It Starts Here Billboard on roof of building
Pantone‭: ‬000C
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Hex‭: ‬ffffff
RGB‭: ‬255.255.255
Air Force Blue
Pantone: Medium Blue C
Hex: 3878b9
RGB: 16.121.191
Pantone‭: ‬432C
CMYK‭: ‬
Hex‭: ‬333f48
RGB‭: ‬51.63.72
Marine Red
Pantone‭: ‬200C
CMYK‭: ‬
Hex‭: ‬ba0c2f
RGB‭: ‬186.12.47
Army Green
Pantone‭: ‬7733C
CMYK‭: ‬89.31‭.‬92.21
Hex‭: ‬007041
RGB‭: ‬0‭.‬112‭.‬65
Image of a family enjoying dinner at a Clear Path for Veterans canteenA volunteer engaging with a service dog being trained by Clear Path for Veterans.An image of veterans and spouses in a in an outdoor yoga session at Clear Path for Veterans.
Cover of Clear Path for Veterans capital campaign brochure to raise funds to expand the canine service dog program.
Image of 2 pages of a brochure that helps potential donors understand the importance and urgency of the camptial campaign.
It Starts Here Billboard on roof of building