St. Joseph’s Health

Behavioral Insight / brand building / customer experience

A 10-week campaign that morphed into a movement.

Creating advocates out of doubtful employees.

St. Joseph's Health was gearing up to launch an external campaign touting its #1 hospital status. Here's the kicker: their employees weren't clued in! Despite multiple top-ranked service lines, silos kept them unaware. This siloed view hurt morale and curtailed cross-recommendations. Since employees' endorsement was vital for our external campaign, we crafted an internal campaign to rally them aboard.

Success like this deserves a pep talk.

St. Joseph's Health had much to flaunt—they were #1 across their services and making a real community impact. In a region full of hospitals, they stood out. We coined "XLNT," to unify their proven excellence.

Our messaging peppered popular staff areas, giving quick morale boosts during coffee breaks, elevator rides, logins, and even hand sanitizing moments. Wherever they went, they heard or saw their excellence. The 10-week campaign morphed into a movement, with some employees and managers at St. Joseph's Health still signing their emails "XLNT" today.