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More than marketing: a collab that gave NASCAR buffs a backstage pass to their cherished pit crew.

A flawless POS system is useless if it's invisible.

Clover held its ground in the market, yet unaided awareness remained lackluster. We caught wind that NASCAR fans align well with SMB ownership and hold tight to brand loyalty. Guess where we ended up? Racetracks. Given Clover's aid to SMBs during the COVID-19 crunch, and with NASCAR's sponsorship, we had a ready-made megaphone.

The ultimate product showcase.

NASCAR fans and SMB owners get it – the driver's not alone on the track, and neither are businesses. That's where Clover steps up. Positioned as a vital SMB pit crew member, Clover propels businesses forward.

Clover's #42 car pit crew took on SMB owners with Clover POS, resulting in an award-winning campaign that showcased our products in full throttle.