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Bringing best-in-class healthcare to the region.

To the people of Rome, their hospital was a proud part of the social fabric of their community. At the same time, they seemed resigned that the disparities between the quality of healthcare provided in big cities vs. small communities were enormous. Rome Health was making bold changes to erase those gaps: bringing best-in-class doctors and technology to the region, transforming the hospital into an integrated care network, and upgrading its facilities.

We needed to create a brand identity that would reflect those changes without losing the trust and familiarity of their small-town location. We needed to make sure everyone in the region was aware of it.

We designed a brand that recognizes our patients' needs and demonstrates how we meet them where they're at. Our icon brings together clinical expertise, advanced technology, compassionate care, and community as one and illustrates how our approach to medicine positively impacts us all. Just because you are in a small town, you don't need to think or act small. And the strategy worked. Rome Health is booming.