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Addressing vaccine anxiety.

Trinity Health knew how hesitancy would impact communities of color who were justifiably hesitant to get the COVID-19 vaccine due to a long history of being undervalued and disrespected by the medical community. Trinity Health tasked us with creating an informational campaign that respected this trepidation while also providing facts about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.

Of the people who said they definitely would not get vaccinated:
Lacked trust in the vaccine.
Did not trust the government.
Covic-19 Posters in ENglish and Spanish

Hope is a powerful motivator.

Our ability as a country to get back to normal depends on how quickly millions of Americans can get vaccinated, so our campaign focused on the things our audience was most excited to get back to. We positioned the vaccine as a way of getting there faster while simultaneously showing respect for their concerns by addressing their most pressing questions on our microsite.

Reaching herd immunity means convincing skeptics.

After brewing among niche Facebook groups for years, anti-vax content became mainstream during the pandemic. As a trusted voice in the communities we serve, we debunked some of the biggest myths and encouraged people to get the facts and do what was best for them and their loved ones. We also called on community influencers to deliver our message in the most trusted and unfiltered way possible.

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