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Amid overwhelming disinformation and divisive voices, we moved the needle in the right direction.

Bridging the gap between distrust and data.

Trinity Health understands the repercussions of vaccine hesitancy within communities of color. They tasked us with crafting a campaign that respected their concerns, acknowledged historical mistrust, and delivered science-backed information with empathy.

Big Picture
A big chunk of our intended audience just flat out said "no" to getting vaccinated.
Did not trust in the vaccine.
Did not trust the government.
Covic-19 Posters in ENglish and Spanish

Hope is a powerful motivator.

Regaining our national sense of normalcy relied heavily on how swiftly millions of Americans embraced vaccination. We addressed the community's concerns directly, emphasized their missed experiences, and portrayed the vaccine as the driving force—a blend of aspirations and comprehension that paved the way ahead.

Swatting down falsehoods.

During the pandemic, the cacophony of anti-vaccine sentiment reached the mainstream. Our response involved debunking falsehoods, promoting accurate information, and enlisting community influencers to authentically amplify the message. Our campaign was all about truth over nonsense, guided by those we trust.

It Starts Here Billboard on roof of buildingVaccine social post in SpanishVaccine social media post in englishIt starts here graphic on face maskIt Starts Here out of home