You found your place.

Clear Path for Veterans

Clear Path for Veterans challenged us to refresh and modernize its brand in a way that paid tribute to its past while ushering in a new era as a formidable national brand.

Since kicking off in 2011, Clear Path has been a true haven of comfort and healing for veterans and their loved ones. Fast forward over a decade, and Clear Path for Veterans decided to take things up a notch, tasking Ayni Brigade with a challenge: crafting a fresh brand identity to help it transform from a local veterans' service group into a national powerhouse.

Clear Path stands out because of its unwavering commitment to helping veterans reconnect, recharge, and thrive. At Clear Path, veterans, active-duty service members, and their families find a deep sense of belonging and a nurturing space where healing, personal growth, and pursuing their best selves take center stage.

Our branding strategy had a tall order: capture the unique essence of Clear Path while always remembering that the transition to civilian life is a profoundly personal journey, different for each veteran.

After their service, veterans often grapple with a sense of disconnection, not just from the civilian world but from their own selves. That's where our positioning line comes in – "You found your place." It embodies the warm atmosphere and close-knit community that defines Clear Path. "Finding Your Place" encompasses physical aspects like the Clear Path campus, shared meals, engaging programs, and events, and the intangible feeling of rediscovered purpose, direction, and a deep mutual understanding.

Our team created an icon that makes a meeting point for veterans' journeys. It symbolizes a tight-knit community focused on healing and supporting one another.

For the look and feel, we went with the colors you'd find in the different branches of the military. We added a few extra shades of green to create a feeling of growth.

Our tone of voice is like having a friendly chat with a buddy. It's all about Clear Path's positive, caring, and down-to-earth personality. When you put all these pieces together, you get a brand that lets Clear Path share its mission - helping veterans be healthy, happy, and thriving. And that's not just great for veterans themselves, but also for their loved ones and the whole community.