Mount Carmel Health System: For All of You

Restoring trust and strengthening internal confidence.

Taking a health care system with a confidence crisis and helping them (and their patients and employees) truly flourish.

In an era of relentless economic pressure, cutthroat competitive messaging, and unflattering media scrutiny, Mount Carmel Health System (MCHS) found itself grappling with a troubling erosion of public trust and collective confidence. The unforgiving challenges of inflation, market turbulence, and a dearth of talent had cast a shadow over the organization, compelling it to restore its standing within the community and reigniting the understandably waning internal morale.

Our mission was clear and threefold: Amplify our brand recognition, reestablish public faith, and carve out a definitive, self-assured path to inspire and empower our internal teams.

We took a reflective pause to delve into the core desires of individuals vis-à-vis their healthcare system (or their healthcare system as an employer!). Seeking medical care often entails discomfort, uncertainty, and trepidation. Yet, we endure these tribulations fueled by the aspiration of leading our best, healthiest lives. We seek care today with the anticipation of flourishing in the future. Our team wholeheartedly embraced the concept of flourishing and sought innovative avenues to apply it not just to life post-treatment but to the entire healthcare journey itself.

We had our directive: Showcase how people can flourish because of the compassionate and effective care at MCHS.

We wanted to demonstrate how our entire system was working on behalf of not only the whole person but the whole community.

Our goal was to develop a concept that made it clear that MCHS knows that patients are more than the care they require. We wanted to convey that we recognized that everyone who walked through our doors was not merely a patient but a person with a life and aspirations beyond their treatment. We had our campaign: For All of You.

We blended clinical and lifestyle imagery to depict patients having a positive experience at MCHS, followed by moments of flourishing post-procedure, driving home our commitment to care that makes a sustained lifestyle impact both in and beyond the hospital environment.

To tackle our morale problem, we looked inward. We developed an internal facing arm of the campaign, translating For All of You into a powerful message of collective commitment and collaboration. Employees across MCHS locations were shown evidence of their impact and affirmation of management’s support, from vinyl posters to elevator wraps to digital screensavers that identified them and their efforts as central to our broader mission, pointing out that “Here is where…” good things happen. “Here is where we raise our standards.” “Here is where your commitment shines.” etc.