Rock With Us!

St. Joseph’s Health

A campaign where nurses take center stage and healthcare resilience shines in the spotlight.

St. Joseph’s Health had sponsored the summer concert series at the Amphitheater at Lakeview for five years. We started with a campaign to spread the word about St. Joseph’s unwavering commitment to community health. But this past year, it turned into a full-blown celebration of, well, life!


After more than a year of being cooped up, isolated, and practicing our best social distancing moves, we all craved some good old-fashioned human connection. We saw that as an opportunity and ran with it.


We respect that people came to the concert to unwind, enjoy the music, and not be inundated by healthcare messaging. We leaned into the fun, portraying SJH medical teams as literal rock stars. We’re talking fringe jackets, studs, and tattoos – our “rock with us” message echoed throughout the concert venue.


But the love didn’t stop there. Nurses from across Central New York got the VIP treatment with a “Fast Lane” pass to breeze past those pesky entrance lines. We gave them a shot at winning free seat upgrades, and by participating, nurses were also putting their foot in the door of the SJH recruitment pipeline.

Our recruitment efforts hit nurses with print, digital, and social posts before the show. Once they got to the amphitheater, they couldn’t miss the in-venue signage and handy printed materials with QR codes or the jumbotrons rocking our animated videos.


But it didn’t end when the music stopped. We followed up with the nurses through recruitment emails, guiding them to SJH’s recruitment site.


Our team had an absolute blast with this project, can you blame them? Who wouldn’t love dressing up in a studded lab coat or singing their heart out into an IV stand? But the real reward was seeing those medical professionals kick back, relax, and rock out after such a tough year.