Trinity Health: It Starts Here

When Trinity Health needed to assuage fears about the COVID-19 vaccine among underserved communities, we helped them develop a respectful, informative messaging strategy that focused on facts while empowering individual decision-making.

Trinity Health knew that a long history of being undervalued and disrespected by the medical community was making underserved populations, especially black and brown people, justifiably hesitant to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Trinity Health tasked us with creating an informational campaign that respected this trepidation while also providing facts about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.

Our data showed that, although plenty of medical organizations were running informational campaigns, very few of them were emphasizing the facts and addressing the concerns that were most top-of-mind for underserved communities.

Our ‘It Starts Here’ campaign focused on the things our audience was most excited to get back to, and it positioned the vaccine as a way of getting there faster while still respecting their concerns. We researched and addressed all of our audience’s most pressing questions on our microsite, and we called on community influencers to deliver our message in the most trusted and unfiltered way possible.

We had a lot of fun picking our favorite masks for the shoot!