This Changes Everything

Helping CNY Say “Checkmate” to Cancer

Confronting a cancer diagnosis is like playing a high-stakes game of chess—every move counts. We tapped into this analogy to unveil the groundbreaking partnership between St. Joseph’s Health and Roswell Park.

Our fully integrated campaign hits both emotional and logical notes. We delve into the rollercoaster of emotions—fear, uncertainty, and the quest for hope—that cancer patients face. Our approach is all about empowering patients to make the best strategic decisions.

St. Joseph Health’s partnership with a national cancer institute brings world-class care to its patients' doorsteps. It’s like having a team of grandmasters on your side, providing compassionate care tailored to your needs. No more exhausting cross-country trips and time away from your community and support network.

In other words, it’s a partnership that changes everything.

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