Climbing the Ladder: Shaun promoted to Senior Art Director

Shaun O'Hanlon

In case you didn't know, Shaun O'Hanlon is rocking it as our art director at AB. She joined our team seven years ago after snagging her Bachelor's in Fine Arts from SUNY New Paltz. Since then, she's sprinkled her artistic magic throughout our campaigns and projects.

Whether it's jazzing up websites, whipping up eye-catching infographics, or cooking up cool video concepts and storyboards, Shaun's got this incredible knack for turning complex stuff into visuals that hit the spot. Her work for Trinity Health and Clear Path for Veterans even won her some well-deserved awards.

But here's her secret sauce: Shaun's curiosity knows no bounds. She's like a sponge, soaking up inspiration from the weirdest places and embracing all kinds of perspectives. That's what makes her methods so darn inventive.

No surprise, Shaun's on the express train to success, and we're not about to slow her down. So, let's all raise a glass (or a coffee cup) to Shaun as she steps up to her new gig as Senior Art Director. We're dying to see what she cooks up next. Cheers to you, Shaun!