A Gin Love Story

Fox & Seeker and Ayni Brigade

From lemon zest to minty freshness, Fox & Seeker's gin and our label design are a match made in Texan heaven.

In a world often filled with empty collaborations, Fox & Seeker's partnership with Houston Botanic Garden is a breath of fresh air, driven by genuine shared passion. We jumped on board to help them with their label design, and it's been a delightful ride!


Fox & Seeker isn't just about craft gin; they're also about that "homegrown" love, curating their botanicals from the Texan heartland. They teamed-up with Houston Botanic Garden for a limited-edition gin loaded with ingredients lovingly hand-picked from their gardens. Even more admirable, 10% of profits went back to supporting the garden's conservation efforts.

Inspired by the gin's flavor profile, our label design shouted out its bright, zesty notes of lemon, thyme, the cool freshness of spruce tips, mint, and tarragon—all sourced from the Texan backyard. We mixed tradition and modern flair like a good cocktail, celebrating the gin's Texas roots with a label that was as refreshing as the gin itself.


This collaboration is a testament to the power of genuine passion and craftsmanship, creating a gin tribute to Texas and a toast to collaboration done right.


Cheers to that.