Moving On Up: Sorcha Gordon

Introducing Our New Vice President of Planning and Business Development

Connections are the currency—That's why having Sorcha on our team is a major asset.

Over the past year, Sorcha Gordon has been the driving force behind catapulting our business development into a new league: She has brought in significant clients, forged potential connections, and made her mark at many events around the country. A master at networking and a brilliant bridge-builder, Sorcha is the face of new business for our agency—earning her stripes and ascending to Vice President, Planning and Business Development.

Sorcha brings a valuable combination of broad experience across numerous categories, a natural curiosity for what’s new and what’s next (reinforced by her stint at Faith Popcorn), and her energy and enthusiasm for helping clients make their mark.

Before joining our ranks at Ayni Brigade, Sorcha flexed her expertise at Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve, DCG Studio, Y+R, and JWT.