A dose of marketing insights from Ayni Brigade's CEO, Mark Russell,

AB co-founder and CEO Mark Russell shares how to gain traction in today’s marketing world.

Ayni Brigade co-founder and CEO Mark Russell recently addressed Professor Mirza Tihic’s Consulting and Entrepreneurship class at Syracuse University. This was his fourth speaking event for Mirza’s class, and this year’s topic was “It’s All About Being Agile, Curious, and Creative.” Mark shared his professional journey, business philosophy, and the CliffsNotes version of attracting and retaining a brand’s ideal customer.

The class—made up of a mix of seniors and graduate students in the Martin J. Whitman School of Management—was particularly impressive this year, according to Mark. “They were highly engaged, and they all had real-life consulting assignments with clients who had actual business issues.”

As a veteran in the marketing industry, Mark was delighted to expound his experience and knowledge on the next generation of trailblazers. Remember: Stay agile, curious, and creative!