Let’s talk challenges.

The 41st Annual Healthcare Awards

22 awards, 5 clients, 6 challenges, 1 unstoppable force.

The 2024 Annual Healthcare Advertising awards were generous enough to give Ayni Brigade 22 of them, including the coveted “Best of Show” for our “Total Advertising Campaign” for Loyola Medicine. We’re not just hoarding shiny trophies, mind you. We’re getting outstanding results for our clients.

Our "At Our Best" campaign for Loyola Medicine won the Best of Show award for Total Advertising Campaign.

Our accolades span five clients with their own unique challenges:

"At Our Best" for Loyola Medicine: Upping brand perception amidst intense competition.

"For All of You" for Mount Carmel Health Services: Battling negative press in an external campaign, while simultaneously boosting internal morale and pride with an internal campaign.

"Let’s Make it Happen" for Holy Cross Health and "From Your Heart" for St. Joseph’s Health: Focused on filling schedules for lucrative service lines.

"Rock With Us" for St. Joseph’s Health: Celebrating nurses and luring talent.

"Peer Mentor" for Clear Path for Veterans: Introducing new offerings and expanded geographic reach.


Our track record? It's a testament to our results-driven approach. Those awards? They're more than decorations. They signal increased ROI, elevated perception, and a flood of new patients.