Meet the Brigade: Rosie

Rosie Settle

Rosie 's like the Carmen Sandiego of the corporate world – born in Korea, spent her first fifteen years gallivanting around New Zealand before jetting back to Seoul. Then, she crisscrossed the globe, landing in NYC for a stint at Parsons School of Design, with a little Parisian escapade thrown in for good measure.

After tossing that cap in the air, Rosie decided to keep things interesting and clocked in four more years in Seoul before hopping over to the sunny side of San Francisco.

Previously, at Touch of Modern, Rosie led their creative department, churning out over 200 e-commerce events weekly. She’s a pro at prioritizing, guiding creative minds and making smart calls. At Sam’s Club, Rosie shone as a Senior Producer, deftly managing demands from various teams. She even introduced a slick program management system for homepage updates on

With a worldly background, Rosie’s talents have taken her from Seoul to Auckland, Paris and San Francisco before calling New York home. She brings seven years of experience, covering everything from creative production to project management, creative direction, brand strategy and marketing.

I❤NY t-shirt in hand, she’s back in NYC to serve as our Director of Digital and Production.

When Rosie's not kicking it into high gear and taking names in the corporate jungle, she's all about fashion, K-pop, and K-beauty. So, yeah, her experience might've gotten her the job, but her boundless energy, no-nonsense attitude, and beauty tips that could launch a thousand ships make her a perfect fit for the AB team.