Holy Cross Health: Let’s Make It Happen

Making Top-Notch Care Top of Mind

In the healthcare world, Holy Cross Health had a solid system, but it faced tough competition in Maryland's high-stakes healthcare scene.

In the world of healthcare, perception can be as important as performance. Although Holy Cross Health was indisputably number one in the state for delivering babies, they found themselves lagging behind other renowned research hospitals like Johns Hopkins and Medstar in terms of public perception. Our challenge was to close the gap in quality perception and elevate Holy Cross Health to the same echelon of excellence as its competitors.

We got to work developing creative that took that extra insightful leap. It was easy enough to say that patients want healthcare systems that have expertise and proven results, so we set out to home in on the “why?”

People want a hospital visit that is quick, effective, and temporary. No one comes to the hospital because of what happens there. They come for the promise of what happens when they leave. Holy Cross Health has the experts, technology, and commitment to get you safely out of their care and into the life you’ve envisioned.

Our line was a rallying cry. A promise. A confident, collective commitment.

Let’s make it happen.

We developed a brand campaign with an immediate two-pronged approach.
Our anthem spot articulated Holy Cross’ value proposition, and the second prong of the campaign highlighted their prime position in several aspects of women’s health services.

Our creative showed patients before and after receiving HCH’s state-of-the-art care—driving home how both patient and hospital are “making it happen” together.

The impact was palpable. Our campaign reinvigorated Holy Cross Health, filling appointments across different departments and boosting their market share. We planted a flag and sent a clear message to our competitors: we’re here to stay, and we’re here to lead.

In the end, it wasn’t just a campaign; it was a testament to our ability to turn perception into reality. We made it happen.