Century Web Design: Combining Form and Function

Speed, Style, and Mobile Responsiveness is at the Core of the Redesigned Site

Because of the significant changes brought about by the post-pandemic world, Century's website needed a makeover.

We've all seen the tectonic shifts happening in the post-pandemic landscape. Air quality has become a big deal, especially when it comes to creating healthy workplaces. And let's not forget the uphill battle of attracting top talent in a remote work world with historically low unemployment rates. That's why Century brought in AB for a website makeover.

In a world where immediate access to information is non-negotiable, the new Century site ensures users have the info they need right at their fingertips. With a robust back-end to keep the website current and effortlessly updatable.

We've created specific sections to provide insights into Century's expertise. Whether it's our cutting-edge air quality solutions or the latest technology, their commitment to excellence shines. If you're a building owner in need, our comprehensive service page ensures you can easily access the help you require when you need it.

For those thinking about a career at Century, the new careers page is packed with info on the perks of being part of the Century family, with a smoother application process for those who want to join our team.

The site blends style and functionality, drawing inspiration from architectural design and engineering. You'll notice sleek lines reminiscent of drafting and custom icons, diagrams, and animations to break down complex ideas. Century's website aims for simplicity and clarity in a world filled with information overload.

Head over to centuryheating.net and dive right in. Check it out at centuryheating.net.