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An obscure Andean word of profound significance. A two-way take on “got your back.” A philosophy of mutual reciprocity. A belief that when you receive something, you are actually privileged to give something in return.

In the Andes, neighbors come together to work each other’s land, thatch each other’s roofs, and share their knowledge, experience, and resources. They help each other, one person and one deed at a time, exponentially increasing their potential and ultimately transforming the entire community for the better.

This principle of shared purpose and magnified potential is fundamental to Ayni Brigade.

For more than a decade, our military veterans have been on the front lines, serving and protecting our nation. In carrying out their mission, they have amassed valuable skills: inspired leadership, meticulous planning, focused time management, clear and direct communication, synergistic teamwork, strategic problem solving, technological dexterity, on-target mission execution, and uncompromising integrity. When they come home, they deserve to secure jobs worthy of their experience, ensuring their hard-earned skills do not go to waste.

At Ayni Brigade, we have great aspirations for our service men and women. We help them harness and apply their abilities to push boundaries and gain a competitive advantage for our clients. As our clients achieve their maximum potential, our veterans embrace a sense of accomplishment, expand their knowledge, grow personally and professionally, and come to realize the depth of their own possibilities.

We believe winning the battle for our clients secures victory for us all.


A well-built brand is a company’s greatest asset. It is more than a logo or an ad campaign; it is a multidimensional platform that requires strategy, planning, passion, and stewardship.

We are a team of mission-focused operatives trained to carry out complex operations and cultivate your brand with military rigor. We align our team of veterans with accomplished strategists, creatives, technologists, marketers, and innovators, both on staff and through corporate partnerships. Our unique coalition of talent, our extreme will to win, and our commitment to maximize your potential are the keys that will unlock the force of a fully developed brand.

Ayni Brigade’s divisions are engineered to leverage engagement opportunities at every step of a customer’s journey. Based on intelligence gathered through reconnaissance of the market and targeted personas, we discover the customer’s motivations, habits, and cultural sensibilities. We derive a navigational fix on the current position of your brand and assess its potential for growth. We then develop and deploy expert creative and technology to generate relevance and enthusiasm for your brand and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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