Falso: Dream Factory

Meet the faces that are ready to help your most creative fantasies become beautifully engineered works of science. Meet us at the Dream Factory.

With business plateauing, Falso Industries was looking to differentiate themselves from their competition and to highlight their unique high-tech solutions. They needed to communicate their expertise and passion for custom manufacturing while standing out from the crowd.

We came to learn that most players in this manufacturing category focus their marketing on products, listing only things such as materials and services on their site. We skipped all of that and focused on the people behind the parts—a strategy that this market had never seen. We worked to spotlight the geniuses who lay the foundation for endless possibilities and to make its customers’ wildest fantasies come to life. This company’s passionate engineers care about the project just as much as its customers do.

By showcasing the faces behind the machines and by framing their work as the art it is, we showed that Falso believes that good service requires humanity and skill. To cement this message, we introduced Falso: your dream factory. More than a creative tag, we repositioned Falso with its new audience to make their wildest fantasies come true. Through highly stylized photography, we made cut metal look like gallery pieces, and we framed Falso’s engineers with headshots and thoughtful introductions. Ultimately, the engineers at Falso are the difference makers, and showcasing humanity in an industry of steel is what would set Falso apart.

Revenue grew at 6X the industry average.